Special Report: How Nigerians will consume 2018 World Cup


A joint study conducted by CampsBay Media and TWOREPORT has revealed that 28 per cent of Nigerian football fans will track and consume information related to the 2018 World Cup through the use of mobile applications on their smart devices. The findings indicate that device users – smartphones and tablets – are more than likely to spend more on mobile data subscription during the period of the World Cup.

The penetration, and ubiquity, of mobile devices, makes it easier to have a content preference, when and where to watch such content. The multi-screen universe is fast making television to lose our full attention. Nigeria viewers watch content on an average of 2 devices at home – on TV and/or on a smart device.

The research, based on an extensive online survey, reveals that while Nigerians ages 18-50+ are still largely consumers of content on TV (96%), 31 per cent, across the age range, view content using their smartphones.

While out-of-home viewing could serve as an indicator of the passion Nigerians have for football, a near 8 in 10 respondents will prefer to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Russia in their homes. The consumption behaviour of Nigerians during the Mundial is likely to see an increased pay-television subscription as well as a large audience in front of the TV.

“We conducted the research along with our partners at CampsBay Media, with a goal among a few in mind to establish data on the media consumption habits of Nigerians particularly since this is the year of a World Cup, said TWOREPORT Head of Product Innovation and Principal Partner, Telema Davies. “What we found is insightful, and captures the need to engage with fans, from a business perspective, as consumers of sports media content. Nigerians may not have transited into the cord-cutting era yet, but we want to have more power on what we view and how we view this content.”

Lolade Adewuyi, Chief Strategist at CampsBay, said, that the research is necessary in a fast evolving market with many options.

“Nigerians are quick adopters of technology and it shows by the number of fans that will watch this year’s biggest sports event on their mobile phones and tablets. This study also reflects on the influence of pay TV service providers on the market, giving us a concrete understanding of their impact on consumption habits,” Adewuyi said.

Among other findings, 55 percent of respondents said microblogging site Twitter, will be their preferred social media channel for engagement and live action experience in relation to the World Cup while 21 percent will make it an obligation to visit the website of global football governing body FIFA, and the digital media asset of the Nigeria Football Federation to stay updated.

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