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CampsBay Sport Media is a specialist sports communication and media company based in Nigeria

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We are a company that specializes in creating sports communication and strategy, editorial content, media relations, digital media fan engagement and crisis communication.

Our mission is to bring our expertise in sport communication, fan engagement and media content development to leave clients happy and satisfied.

Services we provide

Here are some of the services and value we will bring to your organisation when you work with us.


We create winning communications strategies & solutions for sports sponsorships, federations, athletes, events & clubs.

Content & Analytics

We deliver editorial content, digital media strategy & observe trends in digital sport media to develop reports for organisations.

Media relations

We have expertise in media relations & sport media training, with contacts across africa to deliver wide coverage to causes & events.

Crisis Communications

We create reputation management for sports brands, organisations & sponsors, we are also passionate about creating solutions for sport.

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